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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to add Facebook widgets/badges to your site and Artfire page

If you are wondering how to add a Facebook badge or widget to your site or
Artfire page, wonder no further. 
First, log into your Facebook account, then...

If you have a Facebook PAGE for your business (not a regular Facebook personal
profile), then you need to go here:

If you have Blogger or Typepad you can easily add the widget to your site with
the click of a button, you'll see when you go to the link above.  If you want
to put it on your Artfire page or another website, then you will need to first
open the site in your browser and get to the configuration page, and then to
edit html.  Then in the link above, click "other" and copy the code and paste
it to your site.

To get it on your Artfire page specifically:
1. Go to MyArtfire> My studio> My Widgets
2. On the right side, click "» TEXT/HTML/FLASH"
3. Click on either add to sidebar or add to bottom
4. Paste the code, and
5. Click on "+ Add widget"

If you use a personal Facebook PROFILE that you use as a business page, then
you can also post a widget linking to your profile on your blog, website, or \
Artfire page, the instructions are similar, but instead of going to the above
link, you'd go to this one instead:

For other social plugins, go here:

These are used in a similar way, as a method of placing your Facebook page
presense on your sites, you can put a "like" button, you can add a widget that
says who all "likes" a certain page with their photos, and much more.  So now
that you know how and where to put the code, why not play around with some
Facebook widgets and see which ones you like best!? 

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