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Monday, April 4, 2011

11 Steps to Put Our Widget on your Artfire Studio

How to put The Native American Network's Widget on your Artfire Studio Page

I just updated our widget to match our current theme, so if you have the old one you can keep
it or change it, either way is fine.  

1.  Go to MyArtfire> My studio> My Widgets

2.  On the right side, click "» TEXT/HTML/FLASH"

3.  Open a new window or tab so that you have two websites open at the same time.  

4.  Type or copy our blog address:

5.  On the right near the top, look for our widget that is already on our
page.  Underneath it is a white box with text.  The text is the html code 
that you will need.

6.  Hilite the entire code with your mouse OR right click in the white box,
then right click and choose "select all"

7.  Right click on your hilited text a second time and choose "copy," OR use 
your keyboard and hold down the ctl key and the "c" key at the same time to 
copy the text.

8.  Go back to your Artfire page (it should still be open from before and you 
should have a box in front of you where you can put the html code.

9.  Decide if you want the widget placed on the right side of your Artfire page 
or underneath your listings.

10. Right click inside the blank text box and choose "paste" OR click inside 
the text box and then on your keyboard hold down the ctl key while you push "v" 
to paste the code inside your open html box.

11. Click "+ Add Widget"

That's it.  You've now added our widget to your page.  To verify just look at 
your live studio and you will see the widget either on the right side of your 
listings or underneath them.

*NOTE: You can also add text to the sidebar or under your listing by typing
inside the blank text box what you want your page to say rather than pasting the
widget code. For example, if you are having a special sale you can announce it,
or just say hello to your customers, in the sidebar using this same method.

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