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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Latest From The Native American Network

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blog Giveaway!

Welcome to The Native American Network - Artfire Guild's very first Blog Giveaway!

We have lots of beautiful, handcrafted items up for grabs from many of our talented guild member artists!

You may enter to win every prize, but you may only enter to win each one once!  
Duplicate entries will be deleted.

However, you may earn extra entries as follows:

You may earn up to 2 additional entries for following us on Facebook and Twitter
plus 2 additional entries per day by Facebooking or Tweeting about our giveaway, and 
UNLIMITED additional entries by referring your friends!

1.  Refer us!  Recommend our blog to your friends and when someone you recommend follows us (via Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs) you will get 2 (TWO) additional entries per referral for the item(s) of your choice.   Note: you get two additional entries total, not two additional for each giveaway item.  There's no limit on the number of entries you can earn by referring our blog to your friends, however, they must follow our blog for you to get credit!

2.  Twitter.  Tweet about our giveaway and share this link:  You may get ONE additional entry every day for the tweet.  When you do this, please note in the entry form that you tweeted that day and your Twitter name for verification.  This is one total entry earned per day for the single item of your choice.

3.  Facebook.  Share the link for our giveaway on your Facebook page with this link: .  When you do this, please note in your extra entry form that you shared the link with your Facebook name for verification.  This is ONE total entry earned per day for the single item of your choice.

4.  Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter - Each is good for ONE additional entry towards the item of your choice.

To enter, you must fill out the corresponding form to the prize(s) you'd like to enter to win.  In addition, you must follow our blog; the links to Google Friend Connect and Network Blogs can be found on this blog located to the right. >>>>  Additionally, you will be asked to name your favorite item from the shops of the giveaway sponsors, so please take a moment and look at the other items they have and let us know which is your favorite!

Comments under this post are much appreciated!
You can also find us on facebook at:
Please "like" us!

The giveaway begins immediately 
and end on June 28th at 11:59 p.m. CST

Winners will be announced here on our blog on Friday, July 1, 2011 and contacted via email for their mailing information.  Thank you so much for visiting us!

#1. Huichol-Lace Hand Beaded Pendant

Hot Mama, by ChansonTrinity

To enter to win this item, please go to:

#2.  Teal Earrings by Sacred Dreams Beadwork

 To Enter to win this item, go here:  #2. Entry Form

#3.  Teal and purple Godseye style earrings

By: Beadlady61

 To Enter to win this item, go here:  #3. Entry Form

#4.  Upcycle Leather Earrings with Wood Beads

By: Sonora Kay' Creations

 To Enter to win this item, go here:  #4. Entry Form


#5.  Calling Down Achiyalabopa a Native American Style Assemblage Diorama

By: Howling Caterpillars

 To Enter to win this item, go here:  #5. Entry Form


#6.  Petroglyphs-Desert Southwestern Style DreamWeb One of a Kind

By: Howling Caterpillars

 To Enter to win this item, go here:  #6. Entry Form


#7.  Black and White Cross

by  Bear County Studio

#7 Entry Form


#8. Native American Turquoise and Coral Earrings

by  Sirocco

#8 Entry Form


#9. Celtic Donut of Graphics Necklace

by  Thunderhorse Designs

#10. Gold and Crystal Necklace

by  Thunderhorse Designs

#11. Native American Beaded Small Basket

by  TS Beading

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Challenge Winner: Sirocco!

The winner of The Native American Network - Artfire Guild's very first challenge contest is Paul from the Artfire Studio named Sirocco!  

This is what Paul had to say about his beautiful creation and how it tied into our theme "Our Winged Family:"
Here is a pair of Native American beaded earrings brightly colored and festive. I made them for The Native American Network-Artfire Guild's challenge. The theme is "Our Winged Family."

I made this set of earrings in the familiar wing design. Picking a color scheme for beadwork is always a challenge. So, for this pair of earrings I decided to look at the very colorful songbirds and tropical birds that we find among us in “our winged family” and apply their color palette. This particular bird intrigued me:

Of course trying to mimic the subtle and subdued colors in this bird’s color palette with just the few bead colors that I have on hand is another challenge. But I let “our winged friend” guide me in my bead selection and design.

Congratulations Paul!

If you're looking for more beautifully made, handcrafted beadwork, silversmithing, or other Native American Artwork please find Paul on the web here for a beautiful display of his beautiful work!

A little from Paul:  

"Hello, my name is Paul (aka Dan Sirocco) and I am an enrolled member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. Thank you for stopping by. I have always enjoyed fabricating leather, metals, and gemstones into adornments or other interesting items. I am, for the most part, self-taught and use my own techniques of fabrication. Most of my jewelry is designed with the male user in mind (but not all). I tend to keep my designs simple, nothing that is too busy. Remember, I can re size most jewelry items. If you see something you like or find intriguing, put it in your favorites. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments."

Congratulations again Paul!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Member Challenge: Our Winged Family

Our First Member Challenge has finally arrived!

Please have a look at our 4 fabulous entries, and cast your vote by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.


Click HERE to vote!
 You may only vote ONCE per person.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Member of the Month

Our April Member of the Month is:

Sample of Chanson Trinity's Artfire Studio:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to add Facebook widgets/badges to your site and Artfire page

If you are wondering how to add a Facebook badge or widget to your site or
Artfire page, wonder no further. 
First, log into your Facebook account, then...

If you have a Facebook PAGE for your business (not a regular Facebook personal
profile), then you need to go here:

If you have Blogger or Typepad you can easily add the widget to your site with
the click of a button, you'll see when you go to the link above.  If you want
to put it on your Artfire page or another website, then you will need to first
open the site in your browser and get to the configuration page, and then to
edit html.  Then in the link above, click "other" and copy the code and paste
it to your site.

To get it on your Artfire page specifically:
1. Go to MyArtfire> My studio> My Widgets
2. On the right side, click "» TEXT/HTML/FLASH"
3. Click on either add to sidebar or add to bottom
4. Paste the code, and
5. Click on "+ Add widget"

If you use a personal Facebook PROFILE that you use as a business page, then
you can also post a widget linking to your profile on your blog, website, or \
Artfire page, the instructions are similar, but instead of going to the above
link, you'd go to this one instead:

For other social plugins, go here:

These are used in a similar way, as a method of placing your Facebook page
presense on your sites, you can put a "like" button, you can add a widget that
says who all "likes" a certain page with their photos, and much more.  So now
that you know how and where to put the code, why not play around with some
Facebook widgets and see which ones you like best!? 

Monday, April 4, 2011

11 Steps to Put Our Widget on your Artfire Studio

How to put The Native American Network's Widget on your Artfire Studio Page

I just updated our widget to match our current theme, so if you have the old one you can keep
it or change it, either way is fine.  

1.  Go to MyArtfire> My studio> My Widgets

2.  On the right side, click "» TEXT/HTML/FLASH"

3.  Open a new window or tab so that you have two websites open at the same time.  

4.  Type or copy our blog address:

5.  On the right near the top, look for our widget that is already on our
page.  Underneath it is a white box with text.  The text is the html code 
that you will need.

6.  Hilite the entire code with your mouse OR right click in the white box,
then right click and choose "select all"

7.  Right click on your hilited text a second time and choose "copy," OR use 
your keyboard and hold down the ctl key and the "c" key at the same time to 
copy the text.

8.  Go back to your Artfire page (it should still be open from before and you 
should have a box in front of you where you can put the html code.

9.  Decide if you want the widget placed on the right side of your Artfire page 
or underneath your listings.

10. Right click inside the blank text box and choose "paste" OR click inside 
the text box and then on your keyboard hold down the ctl key while you push "v" 
to paste the code inside your open html box.

11. Click "+ Add Widget"

That's it.  You've now added our widget to your page.  To verify just look at 
your live studio and you will see the widget either on the right side of your 
listings or underneath them.

*NOTE: You can also add text to the sidebar or under your listing by typing
inside the blank text box what you want your page to say rather than pasting the
widget code. For example, if you are having a special sale you can announce it,
or just say hello to your customers, in the sidebar using this same method.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Give Us a Bead - A TNAN Artfire Collection

The Native American Network Artfire Guild's
 Latest Collection:

Just Give Us a Bead
Curated by WooleyCreek

 Clicks and Comments are greatly appreciated


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